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2003-11-03 - 8:15 p.m.

Weekend update.

Saturday Afternoon.

WROTE ALL DAY. What a little pleasure that was. I got some notes in order for a novel I've been working off/on since May. Mostly off. So it was fun to spend some time with it. YEAH ME!

Saturday Night.

We had a *really* nice Saturday night date night. Dinner out. I went crazee and had a blueberry martini. After seeing how cool a friend of mine looks drinking martini's, I wanted to try 'em too.

I was not wrong to give into peer pressure. YUM!

Then we went on to the Paradise Lounge... completely lucked into getting a table and seat after chatting up the woman behind us in line. We of course bought her a round.

We heard a little literary reading... I'll have to look up the author in a moment. And then Merrie Amsterburg came on and did a cover of BOTH "Folsom Prison Blues" and Stephen Tyler's, "Dream On."

Dear Merrie: That was Genius. Love, Me.

Reeeeeally nice Saturday night.

Sunday Morning

I realized this weekend I've been attending Quaker meetings on and off (mostly off) for four years now. That's a substantial amount of time. Primarily they've been in large, urban meetings. The Brooklyn meeting and then the Cambridge meeting. I stopped attending the Cambridge meeting after 9/11 and while I tried going back... I had a very difficult time with it. I'm not sure why.

Sunday I tried out the Wellsley Friends Meeting. Wellsley has to be the Most Quaint Town Ever (tm). You could smell the money in the air. It's like a Town That All Towns Aspire To.

I really enjoyed the Friends Meeting. It was nice. Very cozy. Very stable. There were very few visitors to the meeting which was something different from the more "transitory" Cambridge and Brooklyn meetings.

This was the view from my car while I sat waiting for a good time to go into the Meeting house. The balloons had been tied onto the meetinghouse's mailbox. It seems more festive than I think most meetings go out for.

Nice touch.

This was my favorite notation in the bulletin and is about 73% of the reason I'm going to go back next Sunday:

11/20 Clerk's Meeting -- "This is the meeting that was postponed from the time of the 7th game of the Red Sox-Yankees series in the vain hope that the inevitable outcome could somehow be avoided by increased attention to the process by clerks of the Wellesley meeting."

Sunday Afternoon.

The Girl and I hit Old Navy and I escaped with three turtlenecks, three longsleeved t-shirts, a kyooot striped ribbed shirt, an orange sweater(!) and a new pair of jeans.

I am ready for Winter. That's right. Bring it On my friend. Bring it ON.


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