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2003-10-02 - 11:27 p.m.

First of all... I'm remembering what I love about New York. The randomness of it. It's completely random. I've done pretty much nothing on my list other than going to a late show at the Beekman.

Today I heard Art Speigleman and his family do a reading at the Colisium Books. I ate at the Acme and I shopped at Sephora. I had lunch at Ollies.

I could not be happier.

Second of all. Red Sox fans should understand that New York does not hate them. I just heard the sports announcer on the NBC news affiliate here say,

"I'm really hoping this is the year for the Red Sox."

That's from me to you Boston.

Third of all... to the comments in the comments section. Guess what? I've never been able to spell. Ever. Like in. Ever. I was sent to slow kids classes for spelling and smart kids classes for reading and writing ability. It makes no sense to me either. Like a sculptor who doesn't know how to use a hammer. Regardless... yes. The book has an great editor who encourages the liberal use of spellchecker.

And please understand... this online journal is just a sketch book of sorts. It's not polished by any stretch of the imagination. I sympathize with those of you trying to slog through the spelling errors... but. Well. Not even the stigma of the slow kids' class could help me.

And. Well. I kind of like the poetry of using the phrase, "world wind." I'm tempted to say I meant to use it purposefully. Maybe part of me did.

And finally.

I can't really stress enough how well this trip to the city is treating me. The randomness of the city which I mentioned. But also. How to describe this? I realized today that I tend to approach the city as a single, lone person. Which makes sense because the bulk of the years I was here... I walked on my own. Did things on my own. I think it's kind of telling that I most enjoy the city on my own. Wandering around. In my own thoughts. Listening in to other people's conversations. Deciding at the last minute to go to the Acme Bar & Grill over the Cowgirl Hall of Fame and over the Indian restuarants along 6th Street.

I like the wandering. The randomness. Snippets of life.

But going to hear Art Speigleman actually caused me to realize all over again how much I've gained from being with The Girl. I had never even heard of him before I met her. She introduced me to the graphic form of storytelling and we heard him speak at MIT this spring.

Going to his reading was like having a part of her here with me.

and now

i should sleep.


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