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2003-10-01 - 10:03 a.m.

From this morning's Boston Globe:

"Stephen King has offered that a Sox-Cubs World Series might trigger the apocalypse because it would pit two teams incapable of ultimate victory."

There's something devastatingly optimistic about a team who claims Stephen King as a fan. And even as a die-hard Yankees fan who finds herself living in the land of the Bambino's curse, I find myself rooting for those crazy Sox.

I love a good baseball town. And Boston is one of the best baseball towns around.

Did I mention I'm going to New York today? Yes indeed-y. And I'm going to attempt to stop bawling at the thought of going to see a movie at the Beekman theater on 2nd avenue. You betcha. Crying over a movie theater is a recipe for crazy.

I think come every fall in this post-9/11 world, I'm going to insist on a frantic, world-wind type trip to Gotham in order to touch and hold everything I love about that city in an effor to make sure it stays the hell the way it should. The last time I missed a fall visit things went. Well. Horribly awry.

That's right. I'm apparently now in control of the city's future.

Don't tell Bloomberg.


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