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2003-10-07 - 9:29 p.m.

Random things:

The Girl cleaned up last night in order to have people over and now I can't find my hiking shoes. I want to break them in before I go to Ptown this weekend.

I also need to design a flyer and send a bio to a bookstore sometime before I leave.

I had thought about ordering a small, travel coffeemaker to take with me on the road to Ptown. That never happened either.

I told my therapist today that going to New York has made me feel really grounded. She said, "Grounded huh? Of course you feel grounded. You brought home five new pairs of shoes from the trip."

I really like Symbolism In Real Life.

I wrote some really good articles at work today. I like it when I write something I proud of.

I brought some work home tonight but don't seem to be doing it. I'm drained still from last night's game. It appears that some things just aren't going to get written this week. I'm ok with that.

I volunteered to set up a brown bag luncheon/speaker on disability advocacy for Diversity Month. I have no idea why I thought I could get this set up in a month that I'm taking off four days and launching a four-page communication plan around Open Enrollment.

I'm a little freaked about the Lambda Literary Conference this weekend.

My therapist today said that I was, "very determined. Someone who got things done." I liked that.

My hair's starting to grow out. I like that too. It's easier to use my hot rollers. My hot rollers make me SO HAPPY.

I tried to introduce Maggie to the concept of hot rollers this weekend. She's 15 months old. She's trying to let her hair grow out too.


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