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2003-09-28 - 7:55 p.m.

We've had a very very low key weekend. Mostly because I've been trying to get over this cold. Lots of naps and sleeping in. The only bit of anything we've done was to go to James' Gate for a late brunch this afternoon. I had a Bloody Mary that was KILLER. Ohmygod. It was harsh. I had to ask for a side of tomato juice to cut it with.

And. This afternoon I sent in an application to be a volunteer at the Democratic National Convention that will be held in Boston in late July. They had a bunch of different volunteer categories.... all requiring pretty extensive background checks. I put in an application this afternoon to be a "Beantown Buddy". (*snort* who thinks these up?) But they're essentially city liaisons to the state delegates. Showing them around the city, recommending restaurants, activities, etc. You're on-call for the entire week 24/7 for your state's delegation.

Here's part of what I wrote in the application:

As a newcomer, I bring a unique perspective to visiting the Hub. From Georges Island ferry boats, how to navigate the T and even where to go for Haitian food in Dorchester, I can point delegates in the right direction. I worked as a volunteer Big Apple Greeter in New York City for three years, and am comfortable answering all types of questions and meeting almost any need. I have organized large-scale events and dinners in Atlanta, Nashville and New York City -- and I have the experience needed to gracefully take charge of large groups of diverse people and provide them with activities that will become memories for a lifetime.

Additionally, having grown up in Kentucky and Tennessee, I have mastered the art of teaching those from inland areas how to eat a lobster, and I have a unique ability to quickly translate Boston accents into something anyone from below the Mason Dixon could understand and appreciate.


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