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2003-09-29 - 9:42 p.m.

I've got a weird little trip scheduled to NYC this week. I could NOT be MORE excited.

I'm trying not to overplan. Really really really trying to not overplan. This is difficult for me. I have like a whole list of things I want to do. Want to see.

When the truth is.

I really just want to pretend that I still live there. For a couple of days. A girl gets damn homesick.

Here's my shortlist.

--Clearview Beekman on 2nd Ave.

-- Fishes Eddy

-- Angelika

-- Century 21 for new tights

-- Nine West Outlet and the store where I used to get long skirts in my old neighborhood.

and. This place. I used to walk by that store window alllll the time. Little urchin cubiclegirl with her nose pressed up against the plateglass transfixed by all the colors and glass. (sidenote: I love color glass) And I told myself that when I published a book, I'd come back and actually GO INTO the store (sidenote: big, big deal for me. going into stores. it was YEARS living in nyc before i went into tiffany's and i've STILL never been in saks. class issues much? yes.) and BUY a piece of glass.

Now. I'm gonna do it! HA! go me.

i'm suddenly really homesick.


I have to tell myself this doesn't have to be the perfect trip.

I think I just want to buy coffee from a sidewalk vendor and walk around in the morning rush hours.

there's nothing better than nyc at morning rush hour.

I'm such a cubicle geek.


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