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2003-09-25 - 1:07 p.m.

ten years ago I...

- was 21/22

- got married! ha! in a big, catholic mass-type wedding

- was working as a crime reporter

- lived in kentucky then moved to nashville and became a receptionist at an insurance co.

- wore ponytails a lot

- drove a red, 1989 cavelier

seven years ago I...

- was 24/25

- moved from nashville to manhattan! HA! go me!

- got a pretty stellar apartment in nolita

- discovered what a broker's fee was

- rode public transportation for the first time

- worked as an editorial assistant for a publishing house for two weeks then became the communications coordinator for united cerebral palsy (yeah! best job! best job!)

- rode subways to the bronx, brooklyn and took express buses to staten island to interview people as part of my job. discovered a HELL of a lot about NYC. became an expert on the cross-platform transfer.

- was still married. incredibly miserably so.

- walked around soho with my big tennessee/kentucky hair/southern accent/Tigger sweatshirt

- said "good morning!" rather cheerfully each morning to a guy I later found out was in the mob. he would always nod back. i think he liked me. or liked the hair.

- wrote freelance country music reviews for The New York Press! go me! that's awesome! i'm so proud of my 24-year-old self! she kicked ASS and she didn't even KNOW IT!

five years ago, I...

- was 26/27

- got a job as a communications consultant for a Fortune 500! YEAH! that's so awesome!

- unknowingly marked the last year i would be married. and straight. and catholic. and living in manhattan.

- went to my first NYC pride after telling my husband i was going to church. HA! that's so funny!

- was visited upon by two gay boys dressed as angels who waved to me and yelled HAPPY PRIDE! hee! that's such a great epiphany story!

three years ago, I...

- was 28/29

- my first year on my own!

- was living in the far far reaches of Brooklyn. YEAH BROOKLYN! LOVE BROOKLYN!

- living in the basement apartment located in the house of an orthodox jewish rabbi.

- sat in a sukkah for the first time

- celebrated y2k in a Forever Memory sort of way with good friends, champagne and fireworks over the Brooklyn Promenade. I LOVE BROOKLYN

- broke up with my first girlfriend

- got a job at a reinsurance company located in the world trade center (weird job, don't ask)

- threw a karoke party for a hundred actuaries.

- went to three christmas parties in one night. that was so awesome!

- developed a crush on totally the wrong girl.

- stopped seeing her.

- had random sex with an artist/alcolholic guy that i met in a bar. (wtf???)

- rode the cyclone with riot718!

- met my girl!!!

two years ago, i...

- was 29/30

- realized i couldn't live apart from my girl.

- moved to boston

- worked as a temp for a local college

- had a kick-ass 30th birthday party

- had a really bad september

- went to a lot of therapy

one year ago, i...

- was 30/31

- started writing my book

- bought a lime green VW beetle

- published a piece in the utne reader

- found an editor to work with

- started making boston friends

- started working at this non-profit health management company

- was introduced to using myers-briggs types at work

- became an uber-ENFJ

- was contacted by a publisher

six months ago, i...

- was 31. it was march

- signed the contract for my book

- began editing fiercely

- planted marigolds along the front walkway

- shoveled the snow off of my marigolds

yesterday, i...

- was really hyped-up on cold meds

- played a lot of sims

- fell in love again with my girl

today, i...

- am procrastinating like you wouldn't believe

tomorrow, i...

- will have mexican for lunch.


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