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2003-09-23 - 1:27 p.m.

I have a cold. Which super sucks, because I am NEVER good with a cold. I feel like the congestion is blocking my true brain power. Someone asked me a question at work today and I was like, "What did I say about that yesterday? Just use that answer. I have no idea what I'm thinking today."

So clever.


Two bumperstickers during the same Monday morning commute on the JamaicaWay:

"I couldn't go to church because I was too busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian."


"Impeach the Punk-Assed Dictator."

They both made me LAUGH SO HARD. I had to leave myself voice notes on my cell phone so I wouldn't forget. The punk-assed one was on an old, family Volvo loaded with kids and a carseats and a real "we're on the way to school" kind of look. Which made it even better.

Also. Quote of the month said to me on River Ave. in Cambridge as I was driving home from a reading and about to run into a black kid sitting on the handlebars of a bicycle while his buddy, blind to traffic by having someone sitting on his handlebars... pedaled in my direction:


That just made me laugh hysterically. I don't know if the kid was yelling to his friend, "hey there's a white girl!" or yelling to me (the white girl) to whoa."

I dunno. I think I like the latter interpretation. White Girl.

Whoa, White Girl.

Wouldn't that make a great anthology title?


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