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2003-08-11 - 11:10 a.m.


I'm back from the beach and I have the sunburn to prove it. Apparently there are reasons for going to the beach with a buddy. There's a large portion of my back that I just couldn't reach with the SPF. Even under the umbrella, I got fried.

It was a good time. For some reason I thought that when I got back into town, all the issues I had left behind would be fixed. I'm not sure why I thought that. I still haven't even gotten reimbursed for some therapy appointments I put in for three weeks ago. Anyway. Hi.

I went to Provincetown and saw a naked man. Not especially shocking, except when you consider that it was in his own hotel room. Apparently when I checked in, they gave me the wrong key. Apparently the guy who was IN the room, was changing clothes at the time. He was a bit shocked. As was I. I was yelled at by an Armenian man from New Jersey for parking in his space. There were no marked spaces. He just wanted to be in front of his room. I wanted him to stop yelling. I moved the car and went into my assigned room where there was no naked man.

That was a good thing.

The first night, I was there by myself and it rained HARD. Like pouring down rain. In a cheap hotel room on the edge of nowhere. I sat down with my Sam Adams and finished knocking out the book. The edits wrapped up around 2 a.m. It was still raining down in sheets. Gloriously creepy. I kept flashing back on the movie "Identity". I kept creeping myself out. I kept wondering if naked man and parking spot man were going to burst into my room. I put the chain on.

It was good.

The next morning I got up and went into town for breakfast. I always go to the same place. Twoney's I think it is. I always get eggs benedict. I considered going somewhere else, but it seemed too complicated. I bought an orange sarong scattered with flowers that matched my bathing suit. The Asian woman behind the cash register said that wearing it would be like sitting on a garden.

I agreed.

I took myself to Race Point which is apparently not the In Place to go. Apparently I was supposed to have gone to Herring Cove.

I'm ok with that.

I sat up my umbrella, inexpertedly slathered on some SPF30 and lay on the beach and read.

It was incredible.

The water was frigid. I kept going down and poking my toes in the ocean. I drank a lot of water. I sat on my garden.

The Girl came in on the ferry that afternoon with our/her friend. And thus the weekend went out in standard Cape style. Shopping, eating, going to sex shops, watching all the couples, buying candy.

We bought way too much stuff for the Sheltie. It was Family Week in Ptwon and we were taking refuge in the dog stores with the other dog owners/non-children owners. There were strollers everywhere. Those big nasty strollers on the already crowded sidewalks. It was just a weird scene and not one that I associate with Ptown. But. It was humid and my hair kept getting flatter, so I could just have been cranky due to the excess amount of nature there on the Cape.

Saturday evening we went to Chasers because I was under the apparently mistaken impression that it was possible to sit in a girl's bar in Ptown and drink beer and watch the girls.

Instead it turned into a weird fest where the cover singer (who was decently good) had her entourage force tamborines into everyone's hands.


We left at 10:30/11-ish and called it a night.

What I learned about my time in Ptown. Is that Herring Cove is where it's at. I still do burn really easily. The girls don't party as well as the boys. Ptown is best enjoyed by people with more money than I have. And I'm not a girl meant for spending any length of time in nature or other casual clothing encouraged spaces.

That said. I had a damn good time. And am looking forward to going back in October when the SPF requirements are decidedly less.


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