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2003-08-06 - 9:56 a.m.

My little Green Beetle sits outside in the burbs most weekdays. In a stretch of a suburban office park in outer metro Boston where the most exciting place to go eat lunch is the new Panera's. I usually choose Burger King.

My little Green Beetle is patient. Like a sheltie. Ready to spring into action and wishing its owner was just a little more exciting.

My little Green Beetle has a rainbow smilie face on it's back windshield, along with a happy smiling Tivo decal, a Handspring Visor decal and a bumpersticker with a call for Howard Dean to become president.

It's a damn happy car.

When I came out of my suburban office park building yesterday, I found that someone had stuck a bumpersticker on my front windshield. The front of it said:

"Keeping the score: Bush-2004, America-0"

On the back, in a scrawled handwriting, someone had written:

"Keep the faith, my friend."

It made me smile. And want to tell all the other liberals out there that I have a message to you from a Green Beetle in suburban Boston:

We are not alone.


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