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2003-04-22 - 11:24 a.m.

I sent an angry email to my country music station ....99.5....for censoring the Dixie Chicks and they sent me an angry email in return! Well. Not really angry. But not nearly contrite enough! And my original email was beautiful! It talked about freedom of speech and how important that is in Boston... land of patriotism! The idiots. Their license renewal is coming up soon and I'm sooooooo totally filing a complaint with the FCC.

Those are the PUBLIC's airwaves you idiots.

Plus they just piss me off because one of their taglines is to say that :::insert local town::: SPELLS COUNTRY.

Which is retarded because no town here literally spells country. AND! It usually comes out something insane like... Acton SPELLS country. And if there's any town that is totally NOT country.. it's Acton.

Plus they have the audacity to play Juice Newton and follow it by things like, "This is today's country!"



There are sooooo many things to be angry about these days. I barely know where to start.


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