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2003-12-19 - 5:57 p.m.

Alrighty!!! The BOOK (all capitals for some reason to my mind!) is ready, done, printed, published and available for actual READING RIGHT NOW.

The QUICKEST way to get it into your hot little hands (and just in time for the HOLIDAY of your choice) is to call FIREBRAND BOOKS RIGHT NOW. Seriously. Operators are standing by.

They will match Amazon's price of $10.47 and do priority mail (which is 2-3 days in the continental U.S. for $4.00 - or media mail for 1.50, if there's no hurry). BUT folks will have to call directly at 248-738-8202 to order because. You know. Unlike in my mind where there are THOUSANDS of days until the holiday... there really aren't. I mean Hanukkah starts tonight and Solstice is :::checks calendar::: on Sunday and then there's Kwanzaa which is SOON and Christmas is NEXT WEEK. Seriously. Less than a week.

So. Go! Call! Support a wonderful independent feminist press. And. You know that you're going to have a long weekend with your family around and you're going to want something to read.

This is the book you're gonna want to read.


For more about The Book... click here.


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