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2003-12-18 - 10:29 a.m.

* In celebration of receiving The Book in the mail last night, The Girl and The Girlfriends and I went to Doyle's to celebrate. I ordered the oyster platter and what turned out to be three pints of Sam Adams, Winter. This morning I have a hangover to end all hangovers. Which is so messed up because I was in bed by 10 p.m.! When the hell did I get this old? I keep drinking coffee, downing water and popping advil. I feel like I'm 80. I'm contemplating either going home early or booking a conference room and taking a nap.

* I went for my volunteer interview last night for the Democratic National Convention. When I sat down behind the desk. The guy conducting the interview -- Sean O'Malley (not his real name, but close enough) of West Roxbury (I'm sure you've met him.) Looked at me and goes, "Hey, are you the person who has a book coming out soon?" I momentarily freaked. The Sean O'Malley's of West Roxbury are decidedly not my target market. "Um. Yeah." Then he goes, "Yeah, I saw you in the 'Improper Bostonian.' Good luck with that."

* All this water drinking is causing me to have to pee every two seconds.

* I found myself the other day driving down the breakdown lane of Rte. 128, dodging snow piles and black ice with my window rolled down to enjoy the 37F heat wave. The next night, I was weaving down the JamaicaWay, simultaneously driving and text-messaging. I have become the Boston driver we all fear.

I'm ok with that.


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