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2003-11-19 - 1:20 p.m.

If anyone's taking notes. Or keeping a scorecard. Or otherwise paying attention to anyone who used to work in the WTC's opinion.

Out of the finalists for the WTC memorials. I like the cloud one.

I particularly like what the description says:

The cloud's top surface is a translucent bandage healing a wound. Level with "Ground Zero" (street level) and permitting traversal, it reconnects the urban fabric of downtown.

Because the problem with the WTC in the first place was that it was *so* cut off from the rest of downtown. I like that this design recognizes that and attempts to "knit" downtown back together again.

One recovers a sensation associated with the World Trade Center Towers when we recall standing in their presence: the urge to look skywards, a vertical gesture associated with hope.

And that. That's just beautiful. Looking up. Hope.



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