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2003-11-16 - 6:03 p.m.

Up and down kind of day. Went to Quaker meeting in Wellsley. Really enjoyed it. All of the messages seemed to be *really* on. In fact there was a message about being nervous before a performance even. Which was so *on*. Because I'm giving my first reading on Friday and I'm freaked to no end. So it was all good.

and then.

The Wellsley Quakers decided today would be a good day for fire drill.


silence silence silence then flashing lights and loud noises.


I so do not do well in fire drills. I really really don't. You know. That whole Zany Post Traumatic Stress Disorder *thing*. I walked out of the building. Got in my car and drove to Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee to calm down. By the time I got to our friends' C & L's for bagel/brunch, I wasn't shaking as much but they did say my eyes were huge and round.

So. There's that.

We hung out there for a bit and then went to see the movie Elf.

Ohmygod. I cannot stress how much I loved this movie. I laughed SO hard. The Girl kept saying it was like they made a Christmas movie just for me. Anyway. It was genius.

So. That was great. And then I came home. And my FAVORITE bowl was SMASHED on the ground! One of the cats or the dog had dragged it off the counter and it shattered. I loved this bowl. It was my "complimentary cereal bowl" which told me things like, "you are a goddess" and "people love you." My best friend had given me this bowl back in Brooklyn and it had gotten me through some hard times.

There's nothing sadder than a smashed up complimentary cereal bowl.


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