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2003-10-25 - 11:01 p.m.

I bought a new coat today.

Buying a new coat is like a Thing (tm) for me. Like a Thing Thing (tm). Very working class/poor white trash/thing for me.

Because there are Things That Cannot Be Faked when you're poor. And you can seriously fake a lot when you're poor. But there are three things that cannot be faked. The Poor White Triumverate:

Good teeth

Good shoes

Good winter coat.

You cannot goodwill any of that shit.

Trust me. I've been trying for years.

Here are things you will never hear a poor kid say:

"I just got my braces off!"

"I don't care which shoes I wear."

"I wear this coat to work and this coat to shovel snow."

So. I think it speaks volumes that in the past year, I've spent $1,200 on my teeth. I brought five pairs of shoes back from NYC during the last trip down. And today I bought a black, wool, long, winter coat. A grown up coat. A coat that fits. And looks good. And was not entirely inexpensive, or on sale or passed down from someone else.

So. That was cool.

The funny part was. I grew irrationally enraged there in the Burlington Coat Factory in Natick, Mass. over the idea of "Petites" sections. It's like petites sections are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. They're everywhere. Any time I turned around, there were petites.

Now. I'm 5'9" and three-quarters. I am not petite. I have a really difficult time finding things that are long enough. Long enough pants. Long enough sleeves. I want things that are long enough. I was so excited when capris became popular because practically everything I own is capri-length.

I started today to rant about petites in the Burlington Coat Factory because there were like TWELVE petites sections and NO tall girls' sections and the Girl told me I needed lunch.

She was right.

So we drove into Boston, into the South End and went to "Tim's Place." Which is like this total hole in the wall bar with the BIGGEST burgers I've ever seen. It was also one of the strangest mix of customers I've ever seen in a Boston bar. It was 90% African-American guys and white lesbians. And 10% people in off the street. Just random.

We all watched the Boston College vs. Notre Dame game on the television and kicked back burgers and pints.

So very Boston.

We're having an excellent weekend. It's nice.


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