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2003-10-17 - 12:26 p.m.

top ten things you should know about me:

- i write. a lot.

- the idea of "place" is incredibly important to me.

- as is poetry and a belief that a good manicure can fix anything.

- and television and/or pretty shiny pictures and/or technology in general.

- and large infrastructure-type projects (see also: public transit, big dig, nyc's water main #3 project, etc. and so on.)

- my girl is my treasure. like finding a little restuarant on a side street that serves the most magnificent meals on a sidewalk cafe.

- my little sister is my role model and my pride and joy.

- i am a fiercely loyal friend.

- kitties/dogs/goldfish keep me human

- i'm more spiritual/religious than I want to be.


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