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2003-09-15 - 1:26 p.m.

I just had a cigarette on the loading dock. I just went outside to talk with the smokers. Now I can feel that nicotine goodness wrapping around my lungs. I could become an addict if I thought about it enough.

I need to rant for a second. Bear with me. This is going to interest probably no one. But I need to say it.

I need to say.

If you bring a pet. A live animal. Into your house. Apartment. Wherever. If you have taken on the care of a live animal. THEN YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

I can't believe this needs to be said.

You are responsible for that animals life EVEN IF THAT ANIMAL IS A GOLDFISH. That is a living breathing, BEING and you are responsible for it. So before you bring it into your life, make sure as hell you understand what the fuck it needs to live. To have a good life. To live well. BECAUSE YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. Even if it's a goldfish.

Goldfish need ROOM. Do NOT put them in a bowl. Goldfish need CLEAN WATER. That means you do a 20% water change 2x a week, don't overfeed and get a DECENT water filter. Goldfish need LOTS OF OXYGEN. That means you get big bubble stone, do NOT overstock the tank and get a horizontal tank (not a verticle one) that allows for a lot of oxygen exchange with the air.

If you are not ready to care for a living being in your house, then DO NOT play a game of chance at a street fair where a GOLDFISH IS A PRIZE. Can you imagine games where puppies were the prize? NO. Because people aren't prepared to make the life adjustment needed for a puppy while at a street fair... and they're NOT USUALLY PREPARED FOR A GOLDFISH EITHER.

Don't be afraid to tell the carnival operator this. BE INSISTENT about it.

I cannot express how FUCKED UP it is that otherwise fine, caring, animal-loving people.. have these MESSED UP attitudes towards goldfish.


I feel better.


lover of goldfish.


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