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2003-07-19 - 11:23 p.m.

The Girl has discovered that when I'm PMSing I tend to feel whatever emotion I'm feeling only more intensely. The Emotion For Today Was:


Feel free to note that on your scorecards.

We took the T into the city and saw "Legally Blonde 2" at the Commons theater. I cried during the last 45 minutes. That's a lot of crying over Capitol Hill Barbie. I mean. It was an over-cry. I still loved the movie. We walked through the Commons/Public Garden and down Newbury Street.

Stopped into Kiehls. Kiehls makes me happy. I had an intern at UCP/NYC who bought me some Kiehls. It made me happy then too. It made me think about the Kiehls on Madison Avenue. See? Sentimental.

People keep touching my arms and asking about my sunburn. I don't think I have a sunburn. I have really fair skin. I have dry skin. People who continually touch my arms and ask about my sunburn, annoy me. It annoys me to have really bright red skin. What is UP with bright red skin? Bright red skin is MESSED UP. The people at Kiehls found some nice product for me. Free samples even. Happy.

We walked down to our favorite little Israeli resturant and had a late lunch. Took the T back home. Cleaned the aquarium. Went to C & L's to feed their cats while they're away. Over to Home Depot. It happens. Pet store for cat food. Then home. Another episode of "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy." LOVE IT. And then watched "DayTrippers" all the way through.

I'm now down to $20 which has to last me until Friday. But I'll tell you this much. I have a bottle of INCREDIBLY excellent moisterizer and my cats have food.

And THAT is good stuff my friend.


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