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2003-07-18 - 9:50 a.m.

You guys are so interesting about the outfits. That's really great input. Thank you. I keep thinking that outfit picking would be so much easier if this were the fall. I love me some fall clothes.

My standard outfit in the summer is a Gap t-shirt and either capris or some kind of flippy skirt.

My standard outfit in the winter/fall is a tight turtleneck and one of the long skirts I bought back in the Hasid neighborhood in Brooklyn.

I'm long and tall and have no chest. So those outfits tend to make me look slim in a Trinny on What Not To Wear kind of way. I typically look absolute best in a cinnamon color. I FEEL that I look really good in black, but a caller just rang to inform me that I look pale and washed out. So. There's THAT.

Regardless. I have no idea how to translate either of those outfits into something for the photograph. I want to look cool and yet not beatnik in an urban girl kind of way.

It's apparently a fine line.


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