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2003-06-01 - 5:59 p.m.

I miss the 90s sometimes. The late 90s specifically. When we all had money and could find a job anywhere. We were fat and happy and could afford to take cabs whenever we wanted to. I miss how corporate we were. I miss being a Power Girl in the boardroom. Sure it sucked the soul out of you... but it was Possible. You know? I don't know what I'm getting at.

Maybe I just want a Plasma TV.

I've spent the day avoiding laundry and trying to hook up my Tivo, digital cable box, old-school VCR and DVD. I spent a good hour in Radio Shack. The counter guy was doubtful when he saw my schematic, but I shook off his concerns because he had never heard of a Tivo. I still can't get the damn thing to hook up right.

I need a better Radio Shack. Obviously.

Or. I need JoeJacket to get out of the Matrix Reloaded and come over here to hook the damn thing up for me.

We had an incredibly nice dinner last night. The Girl's good friend/ex-partner and the ex-wife of Flotsam's. I need a flowchart to keep up with all these pasts. These girls have known one another for like DECADES. It's hard to keep up with the backstories sometimes, so I just basically gave up trying and tend to deal with people based on my own first impressions and not what happened with So And So 8 years before I even knew I was a dyke.


Little bit of self-baggage there apparently.

Anyway. It was an INCREDIBLE dyke dinner party. One of those really intimate conversations around three bottles of wine, grilled chicken, brie and pound cake.

I have to say though. I seriously wish I weren't the only Grrl in our circle who femmed it up. I hate being the only one not in fleece at a dinner party.

But. I looked GOOOD. (see above) And. That's really all that matters.

I gotta figure out this Tivo hookup deal.


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