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2003-05-11 - 5:22 p.m.

Yesterday afternoon. Brace yourself.

Our Tivo died.

That's right.

A year and a half and the thing just made this very sad clicking sound. It broke my heart. I called any number of tech support people who were entirely unhelpful. I unplugged everything and tried it on another tv. It was dead. Deader than dead. I was so depressed I had to go hide under the covers.

After brunch with friends this morning, we made the only possible determination that there could be. We went out and bought a new Tivo. This one with the Best Buy extended warrenty option which I highly recommend all Tivo owners to purchase. God. That was overly upsetting. An entire day and a half without Tivo. I had seriously forgotten how to watch TV without it!!!

I keep justifying the purchase by telling myself that at least it wasn't a Plasma TV I was buying.

Really dodged a bullet on that.


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