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2003-04-12 - 11:32 p.m.

It's still cool and rainy outside. Tomorrow supposedly begins a warming trend. I'll believe it when I see it. We spent the day in the basement figuring out seeds. We're going a bit seed crazy over here in Roslindale. We've got about 30 packets of different kinds of seeds going at this point. It appeals to my inner penny pincher. Plus there's just something about the smell of wet earth. It smells like the woods behind my childhood house in the heat of the summer.

The Girl planted herb seeds. She had three different kinds of basil.

I had planted a ton of seeds in little peat moss containers on Monday evening and set them aside to germinate. By the time I turned back around the other day, my Zinnia, Cosmo and Marigold seeds had germinated and gone fairly crazy on me. I had followed the instructions to the letter in the Home Depot book, "1-2-3 Gardening". Which advised soaking the containers in trays of water and then placing in plastic bags to create miniature greenhouses. Totally worked.

Today I took the Cosmos and Marigolds out of the plastic bags and put them under grow lights. The Zinnias had been planted a bit more than a seed to a pot and were going nuts for more room. It might have been a little early to do it, but I moved them into much bigger pots and put them up under the grow lights too. We'll see if they survive the transplanting.

Tomorrow we plant gladiolas along the side fence and try to grow purple wintercreeper as ground cover in the front yard. I'm not entirely convinced that we're past the last frost, but assures me that we've got a stretch of 10 days with temps above 40F.

I'll believe it when I see it. <=== the eternal optimist

Tonight we rented 8 Mile. It was like watching an extended music video. Really that song is the only thing going for the movie. Kim Basinger as a trailer park mother just isn't all that believable. <==== understatement.


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